365 days, 365 short stories – 1/14/18-1/20/18


This is the week I finally fell behind in my goal of reading 365 short stories this year. I shouldn’t have too much trouble catching up.

This week was all my continuing exploration of Robert E. Howard’s horror stories.

I started with “The Shining Pyramid” by Arthur Machen, a classic tale about supernatural nocturnal happenings in the English countryside. From there it was to REH’s “The Little People,” which uses the Machen story as a springboard. (“It’s all true!!!“)

“Rattle of Bones” is a Solomon Kane tale, with a nice twist.

“The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux” is an excellent supernatural boxing story, the best story I’ve read in The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard so far. The stories are chronological, which is great for people observing Howard’s evolution but lousy for the uninitiated who may give up before realizing that it takes Howard awhile to develop. This is from 1929, he has noticeably improved, and I am starting to get some classic REH.

The film Ring brought you a haunted VHS tape. Perhaps it was inspired by “Casonetto’s Last Song,” which brings you a haunted record. Short and atmospheric.

This week–get caught up, and continue with the REH but get a little more variety in there.